Month: October 2015

The End of the Tour

By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 26, 2015

James Ponsoldt’s 2015 film, The End of the Tour, (recently released on cable) is easily relatable for therapists.  Perhaps especially so for therapists practicing in areas like DC full of high achievers.  Opening in 2008 with the news that acclaimed author David Foster Wallace has suicided, lesser acclaimed writer, David Lipsky, begins listening to old…

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Identifying Difficult Feelings — An Important First Step Toward Concrete Change

By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 17, 2015

Shame is a word my counseling clients sometimes dance around when trying to express their pain.  It is a feeling experienced by many, but people have trouble saying the word.  Somewhat ironically, shame feels like a “shameful” word to say.  Nevertheless, developing the ability to articulate difficult sensations like shame can act as a catalyst.…

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Francis Ha

By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 16, 2015

Director: Noah Baumbach Writers: Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig With so many engaging, independent women living the single life in New York and in cities everywhere, it’s surprising there aren’t more authentic films about the single woman’s experience.  Sure, Sex and the City was a great fit for my cohort, and now Girls continues to…

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By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 2, 2015

Us David Nicholls 396 pages, 2014 “It was dizzying, really, to be in love at last.  Because this was the first time, I knew that now.  Everything else had been a misdiagnosis – infatuation, obsession perhaps, but an entirely different condition to this.  This was bliss; this was transformative.” Despite pages of engaging writing about…

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