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Perhaps you are planning to marry, looking to improve your marriage, or trying to decide whether or not to remain in your current romantic relationship.


We have had the privilege of helping many people work through these and other challenges in order to build happier, healthier lives.


Our specialties include couples therapy, addressing infidelity, adjusting to break-ups, relationship skill-building, communication enhancement, navigating divorce, self-esteem building, and pre-marital counseling.


Elisabeth also works with family businesses and closely held corporations to improve workplace dynamics, enhance communication skills and optimize performance.


— Elisabeth Joy LaMotte, founder


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What We Do

Help You Improve Your Relationships

We teach concrete relationship skills that help clients build stronger, happier, more intimate relationships with family, friends and romantic partners.

If you are experiencing a difficult break-up, a divorce, or the painful discovery of infidelity, we will help you work through the many levels of loss that are common to such challenges. We help our clients find opportunities for growth in spite of these painful scenarios.

If you want to improve your marriage or seek pre-marital counseling, our approach considers each partner as an essential player in the relationship’s strengths and challenges. We teach relevant psychological theories to help you work on both yourself and your relationships.

Help You Achieve Your Goals
Whether you are looking to build self-esteem, become a better communicator, manage anxiety or relieve depression, we work with clients to set concrete goals and take clear steps to achieve them. In addition, we help clients gain insights necessary to improve their lives.

We suggest resources so that the therapy is happening not just in our office, but outside of the office, in your lives. To this end, specific books, films, web sites and articles are suggested and tailored to the needs and interests of each client.

One of the signature aspects of our practice is our emphasis on cinema-therapy and biblio-therapy. For many years, we have integrated these resources into our approach, and our clinical experience has been that the use of appropriate films and books enhances the effectiveness of therapy. Research has more recently validated the clinical benefits of our approach. You can find out more in this report from the New York Times. In February, 2016, 2017, and 2018, Elisabeth was honored to have the opportunity to present strategies for this approach at the annual conference of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

For clients who are interested, we also offer periodic outcome questionnaires to help clients analyze and track their improvement throughout the course of the therapeutic process.

Corporate Consultation
We also work with family businesses and closely held corporations to help organizations apply systemic strategies that enhance teamwork and improve professional communication.

In the News...

The New York Times published Elisabeth’s letter to the editor about Facebook use and social media consumption. Elisabeth’s article about news consumption was featured on the homepage of The Washington Post. Elisabeth’s article about using films as a catalyst for change was also featured on The Washington Post home page. The comprehensive, unedited version of this article is posted here. Elisabeth’s article about film viewing and couples therapy was featured in Family Therapy Magazine.

Niki Novak was interviewed by Washington Post Express to discuss important considerations about moving in with your significant other.

Elisabeth, Spencer and Niki are regularly featured experts on Huffington Post’s new newsletter, The Good Life. Each week, the Thursday edition answers reader’s questions about love and relationships. To sign up, click here.

In December, 2018, Elisabeth’s article about Michelle Obama, communication strategies and couples therapy was published in The New Social Worker. In November, Elisabeth was interviewed by Huffington Post Relationships about Ariana Grande and the process of grieving and ex. In October, Elisabeth was interviewed by Politico about heightened politically related anxiety and media addiction. Spencer and Elisabeth were featured in Huffington Post Relationship’s article about healthy habits to improve a marriage. In September, Elisabeth was quoted in the Wall Street Journal discussing couples therapy and divorce. In July, Elisabeth was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about heightened anxiety levels in response to current events and volatility on social media. She was also interviewed by Huffington Post Relationships about marital betrayals other than infidelity. In June, Elisabeth was interviewed by The History Channel to discuss the 20th anniversary of the television show Sex and the City. She was also interviewed by Huffington Post Relationships to discuss why some people tend to bounce straight from one relationship to the next. In April, Elisabeth was interviewed by Huffington Post Relationships about misconceptions regarding what married couples should have in common. In March, Elisabeth spoke with Health magazine about strategies for digital detoxing and with New York Magazine about the process of ending therapy. In February, Elisabeth discussed the dynamics of emotional labor and relationship red flags that are easily overlooked with Huffington Post Relationships.
Elisabeth appeared on Fox 5 to discuss why breaking up is getting harder to do in Washington. She also appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss parenting and divorce. She was quoted in Redbook Magazine discussing strategies to avoid divorce, and in Fox News Magazine discussing breakups. 

She was also interviewed by WTOP radio and Washingtonian Magazine discussing couples and exercise by Washington Post Express for an articles about breakups cohabitation and moving in together.

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