From Individuals

"Elisabeth is the ultimate professional, extremely efficient, yet direct and gentle in her coaching, with a sense of caring about her clients. The few sessions I had with her are truly life changing and enlightening for me. Given that we all experienced uncertainty and self-doubt at times in our relationships with our loved ones, her ability to help me see where I am as an individual and to identify the key elements of the relationship in question is worth far more than what I can ever repay her."

"The best gift that I have ever given to myself is individual counseling and group therapy with Elisabeth. I will admit that I was apprehensive at first, because I come from a culture that doesn't value therapy. Talking about family issues outside the family is frowned upon. Nevertheless, working with Elisabeth and the group has given me a way to set goals, have confidential conversations...with a sense of accountability. I feel comfortable expressing my feelings. Listening to others share has a way of reminding me of personal challenges and forces me to acknowledge and deal with them. Elisabeth has taught me how to talk about my feelings in a constructive way. This experience has helped me find my voice and taught me how to be more authentic and true to myself. I am learning how to respect the egos of others through positive self-expression. I am learning how to let my light shine and be the best person that I can be."

"I got married last month and I've been able to reflect on my life for the past few years and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You helped me effectuate a "reset" in my life and develop the tools/insight to be the person I want to be and have the relationships that I want to have. I can't tell you how excited I am for the years to come."

"Working with Elisabeth in individual and group therapy has afforded me a priceless opportunity to bring negative themes into awareness, to put them into words, and see them in action. Elisabeth’s professionalism, compassion, and dedication to the process have been integral to my personal growth and the perseverance I now have to shape my life in positive and rewarding ways."

"For many years, I muddled through emotional stresses on my own, until a marital and personal crisis forced me to admit that I needed assistance. Before I started working with Elisabeth, I had no idea how or if therapy worked. With her professional, experienced, and compassionate guidance, I have learned to embrace the therapeutic process. In individual therapy sessions with Elisabeth, and as part of a group therapy she facilitated, I have confronted painful emotions, addressed self-destructive behaviors, and nurtured self-growth. Her approach to therapy is thoughtful, practical, and engaging. With her assistance, which has proved invaluable to me, I am learning how to do the hard work necessary for mental health and emotional well-being. I recommend her without reservation."

From Couples

"We began seeing Elisabeth during a very painful time, shortly after an infidelity was revealed. The raw emotions and feelings of betrayal ran very deep for us. Elisabeth's counseling helped us make it through that challenge, and also gave us the tools to work on underlying issues in our relationship to make us a stronger couple."

"We can now communicate with each other in ways that allow us to get to the root of a problem while maintaining a relationship based on trust and respect. We are grateful for her help and insights, and look forward to continuing to work with her to continue to strengthen our bond."

"Elisabeth has provided us with a collaborative and supportive environment in which to explore the conflicts in our marriage. Her approach to couples therapy has helped us improve our communication, our understanding of ourselves, and our ability to articulate shared goals for our partnership and how to reach them. Elisabeth challenges us without pitting us against one another and without being confrontational. She is gracious, patient, kind, thoughtful and compassionate and her guidance has been invaluable to us."

From Group Participants

"Elisabeth helped me work through a very traumatic break up and loss. Through our conversations, I was able to rediscover myself - the ambitions, the strengths and the areas for improvement. In the individual sessions, whether in person, over the phone or via Skype, I found her supportive conversation to be productive in guiding me to be more discerning and deliberate about self-care and personal growth. In the group sessions, I learned much more from listening than I was ready at the time to verbalize. I regularly review my Inner Dialogue and continue to weigh life choices in terms of apples and candy bars. I am forever grateful."

"It was extremely helpful to hear others'relationship stories and se them as a comparison/ frame of reference for my situation. Particularly, having people react to my way of thinking vis-a-vis my experience was very reaffirming."

"It was interesting to see how the same kinds of issues play out in different peoples' lives. Seeing struggles that I don't have made me learn more about the struggles that I do have...[Elisabeth] also did a great job of bringing things home and connecting the dots."

"It was helpful when I noticed parts of other people's stories and experiences that resonated with me...I realized that what I want in a relationship is emotional honesty and comfort and it is okay to expect this."

"Being with others who are choosing to be in a relationship and exploring the ins and outs of making it work...I've clarified where I am and what I need to do next for myself in my relationship."