Month: May 2023

How Complex Artists “Gotta Escape that Void”

By Spencer Northey / May 31, 2023

Cover songs often help me better hear the lyrics of the originally performed song. Just like how sometimes in relationship therapy you hear your loved-one better when a someone else reflects their words. These words are deep with questioning and regret. They also communicate an earnest desire to get out of the state they are…

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From “LolitaCore” to “WeirdCore”: Melanie Martinez’s Fashion/Differentiation Journey

By Spencer Northey / May 25, 2023 If you want to explore one of the most 180-degree-turn-glow-up-Lewks of the last decade, then buckle up for the Melanie Martinez fashion journey. At least in an artistic sense, it appears she’s hard-core exploring how to differentiate from a culture and relationship system she grew up in. Let’s call her whole fashion journey Differentiation-Core.…

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“Last Night” Tops the Hot 100, and What it Says About US

By Spencer Northey / May 5, 2023

The Billboard Hot 100 provides a fascinating reflection of American culture. When I see artists like Morgan Wallen absolutely crushing it on this chart, I know I’m going to be in business for a long time. Wallen’s sound has heart, catchy rhythms taken directly from contemporary R&B and mixed with some classic country sounds –…

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