Office Locations

2 Locations:


5101 MacArthur Boulevard, NW Washington, DC 20016

Elisabeth LaMotte sees clients Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at this location.  Elisabeth is not an insurance provider.  The light-filled office is located on the second floor of Bambu restaurant. There is ample street parking on Dana Place both below and above MacArthur Boulevard. (The owners of Bambu kindly ask that if you park in their lot during restaurant business hours you make a restaurant purchase.)

Capitol Hill:

316 F Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

Niki Novak LMFT sees clients Tuesday through Friday at this location.

Spencer Northey sees clients on Sunday afternoons at this location.

Susan & Laura also see clients at this location.

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Fees and Insurance Reimbursement

Payment Options: We accept credit card, checks, and cash.

Elisabeth, Spencer and Erin do not accept any insurance plans.  Niki, Susan and Laura are providers for the Blue Cross PPO plan.

One advantage to accepting credit cards is that clients with PPO plans have a window of time submit to insurance plans in order to receive reimbursement.

Complimentary Phone Consultation
Elisabeth and her associates provide a complimentary ten-minute telephone consultation for individuals or couples who are thinking about starting therapy.

Elisabeth LaMotte

Elisabeth has office hours in the Palisades on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Individual Therapy: Fees for 45 minute individual sessions: $190
($220 for weekend and evening sessions and sessions before 9:00 am.)
Couples/Family Therapy: Fees for 45 minute couples sessions: $210
($240 for weekend and evening sessions and sessions before 9:00 am.)
The first meeting with Elisabeth is a 60 minute extensive intake session.
The rate for the first session is $220 for individuals and $240 for couples.
($250 for individuals and $270 for couples meeting on the weekend or in the evening.)
Group Therapy: Fees for ninety minute Sunday group sessions: $70.

Niki Novak
Niki has office hours on Tuesday – Friday on Capitol Hill. Her fee is $150 for 60 minute individual or couples session. Niki is a Blue Cross provider and does not contract with any insurance companies other than Blue Cross.  NIKI IS ON MATERNITY LEAVE UNTIL JULY, 2019

Spencer Northey
Spencer has office hours on Sunday afternoons at our Capitol Hill location. Her sessions are 55 minutes and her rate is $155 for individuals and $175 for couples or families. Her schedule is full at this time. Spencer is currently on maternity leave and returns in mid July.

Laura Golojuch
Laura has office hours on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturdays at the Capitol Hill location. Her sessions are $140 for 50 minutes and $200 for 90 minutes.

Susan Driscoll

Susan sees clients throughout the week at our Capitol Hill location.  Her rate is $90 for a 60 minute session and she also works with Blue Cross members.

Erin Katz

Erin is on extended maternity leave and is not taking new clients at this time


Insurance Reimbursement
Niki is a Blue Cross PPO provider, so clients with this plan can use their insurance coverage; feel free to reach out to Niki directly with questions about this process.

Many of our services generally qualify for reimbursement under most insurance plans. Elisabeth and Spencer do not directly accept insurance payments. We can, however, provide consultation on how to bill plans for reimbursement directly to the policy-holder. We will also provide an invoice for use with flexible spending plans.

Administrative services
All clients are provided with monthly statements that include the elements required for insurance reimbursement or flexible spending submission. If treatment plans or additional paperwork is required, we will complete these forms without any additional charge. If a client requests an administrative task that incurs charges such as printing or copying a form or document that is more than 10 pages long, the client will be billed for the administrative cost of the copying.

Cancellation Policy
There is no fee for appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice have a $85 fee. Appointments cancelled 10 minutes after the session begins have a $110 fee. Appointments that are missed without cancellation have a $140 fee. If the public schools are closed for weather or any other emergency, there is no cancellation fee as long as the appointment has been cancelled.

Cancellation Policy for Groups
For long term groups, members agree in advance to pay $20 on the days that they do not attend the group. Clients who cancel with less than 24 hours notice have a $40 fee. Clients who do not attend the group and do not cancel pay the full $70 fee.

For the one-day relationship seminars, payment is collected one week in advance. Participants who cancel with less than a week’s notice do not receive a refund, as space is limited. Groups are thoughtfully structured in advance, and it is rarely possible to fill a space that is vacated with less than a week’s notice.