Month: June 2023

You Gotta Therapy: A Short History of Therapy Jam Sessions and My Ridiculousness

By Spencer Northey / June 30, 2023

This post marks my 50th Therapy Jam Session post! I started this blog almost 5 years ago in September 2018. For years I had wanted to start a therapy blog, but I struggled with writer’s block. So, guess when an idea for a blog finally came to me? Two months after my first child was…

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“Fast Car” Reminds Us That Our Memories Are Ours

By Spencer Northey / June 26, 2023

Tracy’s Chapman’s eponymous album is one of my first memories of music. It is a masterpiece musical tapestry that pulls me into different worlds for the duration of each song. Even the songs that are heartbreaking have a haunting pull to them. She tells these stories with empathy, love, and a glimmer of hope that…

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Lessons in Chemistry

By Elisabeth LaMotte / June 15, 2023

Chemistry, cooking, and a compelling cast of characters animate Bonnie Garmus’ engaging novel Lessons in Chemistry. Heroine Elizabeth Zott offers explosive lessons surpassing chemistry as she spearheads a fight for women’s respect and equal workplace rights. From a psychological perspective, the book is also a memorable lesson in the Freudian concept of sublimation—an intriguing psychological…

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How Deep Breathing With Your Partner Helps You “Feel The Magic Floating In The Air”

By Spencer Northey / June 14, 2023

If you breathe-in to the musical sunrise that is the intro to Faith Hill’s powerhouse ballad, “Breathe,” you are inviting in the peace of a deep full breath. Talk therapy can help with many issues, but it’s no substitute for the regular practice of deep breathing. Deep breathing puts you directly into the “here and…

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Celebrating Pride and Giving Your “Heart to Break”

By Spencer Northey / June 8, 2023

“Heart to Break,” by Kim Petras, and her accompanying video, is pure gender euphoria as she embraces her young-girl-in-love femininity. Gender euphoria is generally defined as the joy people experience when their gender expression aligns with who they are. It is the opposite of gender dysphoria. Both transgender and cisgender people can experience gender euphoria.…

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