Month: October 2016

Don’t Think Twice

By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 16, 2016

Most people initiate therapy because something has changed.  A relationship may have ended, a new relationship may be intensifying.  And workplace adjustments also can spark a desire for therapy.  Maybe a team is restructuring or a new boss is shaking things up.  Even if the change is a net positive, adjusting to a new dynamic often generates…

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What Are Some Strategies For Finding Closure After Divorce?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / October 4, 2016

Divorce can feel like a death and it is, in a sense, the death of a dream.  If you are struggling to move on, comfort yourself by acknowledging that part of your struggle  probably speaks to your ability to make a lifetime commitment and mean it.  Nevertheless, if reconciliation is not an option, moving on…

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