Month: February 2017

Hidden Figures

By Elisabeth LaMotte / February 17, 2017

Romance novels, films, television and advertising socalize women to prioritize becoming part of a romantic union. Breakups, new romances, engagements and divorce are among the relationship developments that might inspire the urge to reach out to a therapist. Any dramatic shift in romantic relationship status can spark the onset of sudden symptoms, most notably anxiety…

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Manchester by the Sea

By Elisabeth LaMotte / February 6, 2017

The sensations and experience of grief are a shocking departure from other states of existing. And we, as a society, often shy away from exploring or understanding the grieving process. Sensations can feel heightened, while orientation is often confused. For those who have never been through it, and even for those who have, a traumatic…

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When it Comes to Marriage, What Matters Less than you Might Think?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / February 2, 2017

Financial security makes life easier and reduces anxiety related to meeting basic needs. And shared views related to money such as how much to save and budgeting priorities are important dimensions of marital stability. Nevertheless, improved financial security does not necessarily lead to a more fulfilling relationship. Sometimes money infects and compromises a marriage. I…

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