Month: July 2023

How Do You Measure a Year?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / July 29, 2023

As an empty nester I feel reasonably grounded when I reflect on my approach to raising our daughters. I wish that we had found a way to live abroad at some point. It never felt like the right time, and though my husband had professional opportunities that would have allowed for postings abroad, I did…

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Ciara Gives Us a DOSE of Happiness

By Spencer Northey / July 22, 2023

Ciara’s 2018 hit single, “Dose,” is a high energy pep-rally style song that may increase some happy chemicals as you listen and move to it. It includes a marching band, community dancing, and the hook “when you fall, just get back up again.” When Ciara sings the refrain “I’ma hit you with a DOSE!” she…

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Why Parents Need to “Be Kind” to the Ones That They Love

By Spencer Northey / July 13, 2023

  “Be Kind,” by Halsey and Marshmello, makes me think of parents who struggle to be kind to their children. I have encountered these parents directly working as a family and early childhood therapist, as well as their shadows and ghosts in the therapy room when working with the adult children they have affected. Failure…

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How do our genetics impact our relationships and family life?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / July 9, 2023

I recently had the fascinating opportunity to speak with the University of Pennsylvania School of Public Policy and Practice (SP2) researcher and professor Dr. Allison Werner-Lin about her groundbreaking research exploring the intersection of genetics and family life. The link below takes you to the National Association of Social Workers podcast, Social Work Talks, to…

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Mitski and America Are Doing Our Best To Figure It Out

By Spencer Northey / July 5, 2023

  In Mitzki’s critically acclaimed song and music video, “Your Best American Girl,” she starts out feeling cute. Then, she is rebuffed in exchange for an “All-American” prototype that she doesn’t fit into. That most Americans do not fit into. True to Mitzki’s wise – though, absurd – style, she turns to herself for answers.…

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