Month: January 2016


By Elisabeth LaMotte / January 19, 2016

Self-esteem is a common and complicated theme in psychotherapy.   Underpinning many of the catalysts that bring people to therapy is an underlying lack of adequate self-esteem.  One way to think about increasing self-esteem is to focus on a person’s sense of themselves and subsequent ability to exist and operate in the world as a…

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By Elisabeth LaMotte / January 8, 2016

David O. Russell has triumphed again.  Like The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, the film Joy blends captivating entertainment with psychological sophistication.  Russell tells the almost true-to-life tale of master inventor Joy Mangano, a New Jersey mother of two who rises from obscurity, overcomes loads of adversity, and builds a home- shopping empire.…

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