Should I consider psychedelic assisted therapy?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / June 26, 2024

Ever since seeing Mary Cosimano MSW and her work featured in the Netflix film Fantastic Fungi, I have hoped to interview her for Social Work Talks. What a thrill it was to finally get on her busy calendar and learn more about her pioneering work in the field of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Check out our…

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What is EMDR Therapy?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / September 7, 2023

I completed the level one EMDR training in 1998 and this groundbreaking way of healing has evolved deeply over time. What an honor to speak with Deany Laliotis LICSW about her monumental contributions to the development of relational EMDR therapy. Listen to Social Work Talks wherever you get your podcasts or check out the links…

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Mitski and America Are Doing Our Best To Figure It Out

By Spencer Northey / July 5, 2023

  In Mitzki’s critically acclaimed song and music video, “Your Best American Girl,” she starts out feeling cute. Then, she is rebuffed in exchange for an “All-American” prototype that she doesn’t fit into. That most Americans do not fit into. True to Mitzki’s wise – though, absurd – style, she turns to herself for answers.…

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You Gotta Therapy: A Short History of Therapy Jam Sessions and My Ridiculousness

By Spencer Northey / June 30, 2023

This post marks my 50th Therapy Jam Session post! I started this blog almost 5 years ago in September 2018. For years I had wanted to start a therapy blog, but I struggled with writer’s block. So, guess when an idea for a blog finally came to me? Two months after my first child was…

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From “LolitaCore” to “WeirdCore”: Melanie Martinez’s Fashion/Differentiation Journey

By Spencer Northey / May 25, 2023 If you want to explore one of the most 180-degree-turn-glow-up-Lewks of the last decade, then buckle up for the Melanie Martinez fashion journey. At least in an artistic sense, it appears she’s hard-core exploring how to differentiate from a culture and relationship system she grew up in. Let’s call her whole fashion journey Differentiation-Core.…

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“Last Night” Tops the Hot 100, and What it Says About US

By Spencer Northey / May 5, 2023

The Billboard Hot 100 provides a fascinating reflection of American culture. When I see artists like Morgan Wallen absolutely crushing it on this chart, I know I’m going to be in business for a long time. Wallen’s sound has heart, catchy rhythms taken directly from contemporary R&B and mixed with some classic country sounds –…

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Being Mortal

By Elisabeth LaMotte / March 1, 2023

“Be where the client is at.” This phrase – despite and because of its grammatical flaw – was written and spoken and repeated by several social work professors in my early graduate training. A willingness to refrain from my own agenda in order to respect and deeply probe the psychological space and experience of my…

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Diary of a Mad Housewife

By Elisabeth LaMotte / January 17, 2023

The book jacket for Diary of a Mad Housewife describes the novel as “a classic of urban women’s fiction that gave a wry voice to the nascent feminist stirrings of the 1960s.” I’m not sure how I missed it on my mother’s bookshelf while growing up in the 70s, but she confirms that it was…

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It’s Always Time for Lizzo

By Spencer Northey / January 13, 2023

“It’s Bad Bitch O’Clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty…” may have been the most mindful declaration of 2022. It is a statement of intention in the here and now. It is a statement of power. It tells you what time it is. So often mindfulness practice leans towards serenity and calm. But Lizzo’s smash hit, About Damn…

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By Elisabeth LaMotte / December 7, 2022

Family therapists love a good genogram. For those unfamiliar with this term, a genogram is a comprehensive family history framed through the psychological lens of Family Systems Theory. Family Systems Theory is a relationally oriented approach to therapy emphasizing the formative importance of the family landscape. Systemic therapists believe that relational patterns are often passed…

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