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What’s a Difficult Topic Couples Should Discuss if they are Contemplating Marriage?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / May 1, 2016

Sex can be an uncomfortable topic, but an important one. And “sex” extends beyond all aspects of the physical relationship to include flirtation, sensuality and monogamy. If a relationship is becoming serious, and you expect your partner to be monogamous, it is worth discussing what monogamy means to you in the short-term and in the…

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Looking to Improve Your Relationship?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / April 3, 2016

What’s one small thing someone can do today or this week to improve their relationship, even a little bit? Use “I” statements. Don’t say: “YOU are so checked out, we haven’t had a date in weeks!” Instead, say something like: “I’ve been feeling less connected lately and would love to spend a night out just…

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What are the signs that a marriage has what it takes to go the distance? And what are the warning signs that spell trouble?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / March 22, 2016

Every relationship is different, and some signs of trouble may not be optimal from a therapist’s perspective but may truly work for a particular couple. For example, if one person is an admitted workaholic, but the other person genuinely enjoys time to themselves, the synergy may work well. Couples tend to choose one another for…

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