What On-Line Dating Forum Is Right for You?

What On-Line Dating Forum Is Right for You?

Therapy clients looking for romantic love used to designate therapy as a place to ponder the question of on-line dating. Years ago, the primary question was whether or not it felt comfortable to place a profile in the cyber universe and begin interacting with strangers on-line. That dated question has shifted away from WHETHER to date on-line to WHICH ON-LINE FORUM feels like the best fit.

While I have never even logged onto a dating site, I feel like a veteran. I remember when Match.com was the only game in town. My more tech savvy single clients were among the earliest pioneers. Then, group specific sites like Our Time (for seniors) and J-Date (for Jews) arrived on the scene. Eventually, new matchmaking approaches like E-Harmony began requiring extensive questionnaires to match users with each other rather than allowing the users to seek the connections themselves. The next innovation was location-based apps like Grinder (which emphasizes gay relationships) and, more recently, Tinder (basically Grinder for heterosexuals). Somewhere along the line, Ok Cupid also gained popularity, especially among young hipsters. Most recently, thank goodness for Bumble, an app geared toward women who are sick of unwanted cyber-groping and want to take charge of who will have access to their profile.

This recent study by Reviews.com appears to be the most honest and comprehensive review available to date focused on determining which site is right for you. I was surprised to notice its distaste for E-Harmony. E-Harmony has the reputation – at least among my therapy clients – as being the most relationship-focused site as opposed to the location-based apps which tend to emphasize instant gratification and one-night stands. I was not surprised that Bumble is getting rave reviews – many of my female clients have become fans. Nor was I surprised that Match has withstood the test of time, especially among more senior members of the dating community.

Elisabeth LaMotte

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