Where Can We Find Inspiration During Such Challenging Times?

By Elisabeth LaMotte / May 6, 2024

We can all use a bright shining spark of inspiration and it was overwhelmingly joyful to find a gigantic dose of it on Thursday evening at LearnServe International’s annual gala. LearnServe International is a local non-profit organization that understands and believes in the power of young people to create necessary social change. Their programs help…

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La Vida Es Un Carnival

By Spencer Northey / October 13, 2022   Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! As part of the celebration, I am reflecting on Celia Cruz’s salsa classic, La Vida es Un Carnival.  This song could be an anthem for anyone pushing through challenges over the past years. It’s a simple rhythmic 4/4 beat that motivates: “Just. Keep. Go. -Ing!” With each downbeat: on…

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