Celebrating Pride and Giving Your “Heart to Break”

By Spencer Northey / June 8, 2023

“Heart to Break,” by Kim Petras, and her accompanying video, is pure gender euphoria as she embraces her young-girl-in-love femininity. Gender euphoria is generally defined as the joy people experience when their gender expression aligns with who they are. It is the opposite of gender dysphoria. Both transgender and cisgender people can experience gender euphoria.…

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From “LolitaCore” to “WeirdCore”: Melanie Martinez’s Fashion/Differentiation Journey

By Spencer Northey / May 25, 2023 If you want to explore one of the most 180-degree-turn-glow-up-Lewks of the last decade, then buckle up for the Melanie Martinez fashion journey. At least in an artistic sense, it appears she’s hard-core exploring how to differentiate from a culture and relationship system she grew up in. Let’s call her whole fashion journey Differentiation-Core.…

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Hayley Kiyoko and “Self-Reliance”

By Spencer Northey / March 16, 2022

Spring is starting to spring, and I am starting to feel like myself again as I get back to work. I remembered that I never posted this blog last year, since I was going on maternity leave in September 2021. In the spirit of authenticity, I am posting this exactly as I wrote it last…

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