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“Fast Car” Reminds Us That Our Memories Are Ours

By Spencer Northey / June 26, 2023

Tracy’s Chapman’s eponymous album is one of my first memories of music. It is a masterpiece musical tapestry that pulls me into different worlds for the duration of each song. Even the songs that are heartbreaking have a haunting pull to them. She tells these stories with empathy, love, and a glimmer of hope that…

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Looking for a Catchy Spring Song About Rebirth? Try “Death”

By Spencer Northey / April 19, 2023

If you are emerging from entanglement with a person, or people, that mattered to you, this song might be your spring jam. It is a song about knowing who you’ve become and where you’re going. It is about differentiating from those who cannot met you “across the plane.” Its metaphors detail manipulative attempts to pull…

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Coldplay and the S.L.O.W.E.X.I.T Steps for Setting Boundaries and Letting Go

By Spencer Northey / April 5, 2022

Summary: This post shares eight things you can do to practice setting boundaries and letting go in difficult relationships.  I recently took a leap and started relationship therapy group with some courageous and insightful participants. It was so meaningful to do this work with them. This post is dedicated to those people as we wrap…

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