What’s a Good Way to Split Up the Holiday Visits?

What’s a Good Way to Split Up the Holiday Visits?

This question is inspired by a media request from HuffPo Relationships. For the full story click here.

We all have such busy lives and the holidays are a time when we can feel pulled in so many different directions that distract from the underlying meaning of the season. Sometimes it helps to consider that when we go the extra mile to include and honor our parents, we are sending an important message to our children that sets the stage for an inter-generational pattern emphasizing the value time with family. In other words, when children see their parents make the effort to honor the grandparents, they are more likely to take that same approach with the next generation.

Nevertheless, boundaries are important. It is reasonable to explain that making two trips during one holiday will feel too overwhelming and simply won’t be possible. This boundary can be set with kindness and respect and can include a suggestion for an alternative plan next year or next holiday.

Elisabeth LaMotte

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