How can men make a dent in the housework imbalance?

How can men make a dent in the housework imbalance?

Elisabeth enjoyed the chance to speak with Huffington Post about this ongoing challenge.

Check out the article here as well as her full response below:

Men looking for practical action items should grab the low hanging fruit and wash those dishes! Not just once in a while, but each and every day. Don’t wait to be asked, just scour those pots properly without leaving egg traces! Load the dishwasher with thoughtful placement for optimal cleaning. Pay attention — if your partner looks overwhelmed, use a kind, calm voice and ask: “Hey, how can I help?” Even if the request is to scrub the toilets, follow through and finish the job. The chores involved with raising children and running a home can feel endless (and boring!) and many couples fall into an unfortunate mindset of becoming competitors rather than teammates. Try taking a psychological step back from the daily grind to join your partner’s team so that you execute chores with an air of positivity rather than resentment. The competitor mindset keeps track and resents each and every washed dish. The team player understands and internalizes that there is nothing better than the chance to raise a family with someone you love.

Elisabeth LaMotte

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