Group Seminars

One-Day Relationship Seminar:
Sunday, January 28th, 2018
10am to 4:00pm

What’s Involved?

If you are looking to strengthen your relationship skills, with romantic
relationships, friendships and with relatives, a one-day intensive group can be a productive way to learn to make positive changes.

Group psychotherapy provides a room of mirrors through which adults can begin to see the communication and relational patterns that are not serving them well. It offers an opportunity to work together to enhance the capacity for intimacy and to build a stronger sense of self.

Confidentiality is the most important rule of the group, and confidentiality contracts are signed and discussed in detail before the group conversation begins.

Most clients do not enter therapy looking to participate in a group. However, if they choose to participate, they typically find the process incredibly helpful. Why? Because there is something powerful about hearing what your material brings up for others, and in noticing what other people’s material elicits in you. The group setting can increase the pace through which individuals develop insights about themselves and then turn these insights into action. In other words, group therapy frequently speeds up the process through which clients meet their goals and make necessary changes in order to have a more meaningful life and more fulfilling relationships.

The relationship seminar will have no more than eight participants. The day consists of a three part structure that begins with a discussion of relationship goals, proceeds to an introduction of psychological theories that relate to building relationship skills and concludes with a review of how each group member’s goals relate to the theories presented. All participants must sign a confidentiality agreement that outlines a commitment to maintain confidentiality and to follow the ground rules that are in place to make the experience safe, positive and productive. All ground rules are reviewed and agreements signed prior to participation.


Elisabeth LaMotte will lead the next relationship seminar. To participate, please email Elisabeth or call at 202-256-4230.

Location: The seminar will be held in our offices at 5403 Sherier Place NW, Washington DC 20016.

Date and Time:
Saturday, January 28th, 2018 10am to 4:00pm (lunch is provided)

$185 for participants who are currently working with Elisabeth or
her associates

$375 for participants who are currently working with another
therapist. This cost includes a one hour session prior to group

$560 for participants who are not currently in therapy. This cost includes a one hour session prior to group participation and a 45 minute session sometime following the group’s conclusion.