Men Were Stepping Up with Housework Early in the Pandemic; Now That They Have Reverted to Old Patters, What Can We Do?

By Elisabeth LaMotte | February 19, 2021
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When Huffington Post reached out regarding research indicated that men were stepping up with housework early in the pandemic, here’s what Elisabeth had to say about it: Couples fortunate enough to work from home throughout the pandemic have seen their household chores multiply and opportunities for alone time diminish. Parents are often balancing work from…

Pieces of a Woman

By Elisabeth LaMotte | February 7, 2021
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Vanessa Kirby’s performance in Pieces of a Woman is so raw and relatable that it can feel jarring to watch. Considering the trailer and the fact that her labor and delivery scene takes place almost immediately, it is not much of a spoiler to share that the film explores the impact of her loss of…

What’s a film suggestion that might challenge our perspective in an intelligent way?

By Elisabeth LaMotte | January 8, 2021
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Check out our review of the documentary film Angry Inuk. It is as memorable as it is meaningful.

Angry Inuk

By Elisabeth LaMotte | January 8, 2021
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I am excited to share our review of Angry Inuk which is posted by The New Social Worker

The Color of Water

By Elisabeth LaMotte | December 3, 2020
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Throughout the COVID19 I notice that reading a good book is welcome diversion from the relentless news cycle. However, I also notice and hear from others that it helps to read books that quickly grab and absorb one’s attention. With this in mind, I decided to re-read James McBride’s “The Color of Water.” I first…

Kill ’em with Kindness

By Spencer Northey | November 23, 2020
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Kill em with Kindness Performed by Selena Gomez Written by Antonina Armato, Tim James, Benjamin Levin, Dave Audé, Selena Gomez Key Lyrics: Kill ‘em with kindness Kill ‘em with kindness Kill ‘em, kill ‘em, kill ‘em with kindness Kill ‘em with kindness Kill ‘em with kindness Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now Spencer’s Reflection:…

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We suggest resources so that the therapy is happening not just in our office, but outside of the office, in your lives. To this end, we suggest books, films, web sites and articles that are tailored to the needs and interests of each client. Many clients identify with characters in books and films, and describe how their awareness of these resources helps them realize that they are not alone and their problems and are solvable.

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